the Lemar advantage

Why invest in a Lemar product?

The Lemar Advantage!


Streamline your harvest operations with innovative Lemar products!

Lemar has designed their tree spades to include these labor saving features:

Optimum Visibility Hitch

Lemar Optimum Visibility

Increased visibility allows the operator to work faster and safer without compromising quality or increasing stock damage.

Tree Centering System

Lemar tree centering

Center your stock right from the operator’s seat.

Superior Shovel Design

Lemar shovel design

Overlapping Shovels

Lemar overlapping shovels

No time is required to cut roots between digging the tree and placing it in a basket – reducing the amount of labor required to harvest nursery stock.

Quick Cycle Times

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Fast cycle times will revolutionize your field production – keeping ahead of your tying crew is no longer an issue!

Minimal Regular Maintenance

Lemar tree spades do not require regular lubrication or maintenance.

An efficient tree spade is an efficient production system creating higher profitability!


Quality tree spades, potters and accessories equals a quality, finished product. A clean, presentable package gives you an edge in the competitive nursery market.

Lemar tree spades offer these quality features:

Sealed Hinge Pin

Lemar sealed hinge

Solid Frame

Lemar solid frame construction

Hi-Flow Valve

Lemar hi-flo valve


Lemar tree spades and potters perform during intense harvest times. Lemar manufactures equipment you can count on. We also stand behind you with a service and parts support team that understands how critical it is to keep your equipment functioning optimally.


Continuing to improve our equipment has enabled Lemar to produce tree spades that have dug over 600,000 trees! Lemar products have a long lifespan with minimal maintenance costs.

What does the Lemar Advantage mean for you?

Higher profitability – less stress – more time!

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